White CBG Hemp Flower

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Product Overview

White CBG comes in at 21.4% CBG, and 0% Δ9-THC

Dense golf ball sized buds covered with white trichomes give a “rolled in sugar” appearance to this amazing hemp variety. The aroma is light and woody, with a chamomile profile and lemon grass and pine notes. It is subtle and fresh and does not have a typical overpowering cannabis profile. If strong cannabis smells aren’t for you, then White CBG most certainly is.

CBG is the mother cannabinoid of THC and CBD and thought to interact more directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system providing similar potential health benefits as CBD. Please see the FAQs to learn more.

All flower was grown using organic practices without any use of chemical herbicides or pesticides, and then hand harvested and hung-dried in darkness to preserve its terpene profile and color.

All flower is trimmed in ready to smoke condition and shipped in a Mylar NUG Bag.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review