Sweetness CBD Hemp Flower

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Product Overview

Sweet comes in at 15.7% CBD, and 0% Δ9-THC

Full bodied buds frosted with trichomes and red pistils, Sweet dominates with a medley of fruit and candy with light, fluffy clouds of smoke that exhibit the same taste and scent. The finish resembles berries and fruit with pleasant undertones of wood and earth.

If you have some aversion to the bitterness, funk, and gasoline taste of other CBD hemp flower strains, then Sweet might be your pick. Sweet is light, pleasant and gentle to the tongue which holds a distinct treat to most users.

All flower was grown using organic practices without any use of chemical herbicides or pesticides, and then hand harvested and hung-dried in darkness to preserve its terpene profile and color.

All flower is trimmed in ready to smoke condition and shipped in a Mylar NUG Bag.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review