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Our Blunt contains a core of ~3 gr of hemp flower that is then wrapped in cured palm leaf. Filled with the same specially selected blend of 100% premium hemp flower as the 1 and 2 gr Pre-Rolls to achieve a liquid, silky-smooth and easily inhalable smoke with a mellow to medium-bodied exquisitely rich flavor and long, lingering finish. Only pure flower is used, no trim.

The aroma is toasty and earthy filled with blending flavors of wood and cashews and a balanced light and spicy aftertaste of pine and citrus. The Palm leaf wrapper is well matched to hemp because it burns slowly and consistently with only a subtle aroma of its own, thus enabling the aroma of the hemp to be fully enjoyed. Full spectrum and Terpene rich containing over 300 mg of CBD.

This is one of the finest hemp cigars rolled anywhere with the convenient size of approximately 4.5 inches long by 35 gauge and a burn time of 30-40 minutes and comes with a natural filter to permit smoking to the end with no unpleasant resin uptake …Enjoy!

All hemp flower used in HempSure+ Cigars was grown using organic practices without any use of chemical herbicides or pesticides.

All hemp cigars are shipped in a secure plastic tube with a child-proof cap.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review